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Upon The Threshold

The Dweller

Galen Brownsmith
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30-something Year old unemployed CS Geek.

I'm not the most peculiar man you'll ever meet, but I was that peculiar at some point. Now I'm becoming unfortunately mundane.

Currently living with my wife (?!?!?! How'd I get one of those ?!?!?!?) in the top 2 floors of a 3 floor duplex. Enamored with, and besieged by, stuffed animals of all varieties.

A foreword:
This is my journal. It is used to collect my thoughts and ideas. While I like and desire a level of discussion, it is not a place of debate. Nor is it a place to make ad homein attacks, insults, or other negative comments. It is an insight into what I am thinking and feeling. I do not (or at least, try not) to use it as means to communicate (outside some basic social planning to which this is the best of bad options) -- while what I post here may need to be said elsewhere, posted items are only rattling inside my head. If you have an objection to something I say here, take it up with me in another medium (email, phone, smoke signals). I reserve the right to remove comments for content or similar reasons.