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24 October 2012 @ 10:14 pm
iPad Mini: My Reaction  
Apparently, everyone and their mother is disappointed at the price point for the iPad Mini. I'm actually surprised at that -- expecting Apple to compete dollar-for-dollar with the Nook and Kindle is unrealistic. Apple has never been price-competitive with the low end of the market; if you want to compare the iPad Mini to existing items in the market, look at the 7" Samsung and HTC models, not the lowest cost machines (which may or may not be sold for a loss). In that light, starting at 329$ isn't unexpected.

Besides, if the iPad Mini were competitive with the Nook or Kindle, it would be (at least in my mind) undermining their own iPod Touch. The functional capabilities of the machines do not differ significantly, and the Touch is only slightly more portable than the Mini. If the 16G iPad Mini were priced around 200$, the 32G model would be at or cheaper than the Touch's 32G model. Which might make sense in a technical sense (smaller components cost more), but that wouldn't translate to the market. Or Apple would have had to drop the iPod Touch's price.

What does surprise me is that the Mini is not being shipped with a Retina Display. What is or isn't a Retina Display is a matter of some debate, but anything under 200dpi is not a one; either this will be the easiest model rev ever, releasing an otherwise unchanged machine with a 1600x1280 display in 6 months, or it seems like apple is not convinced the retina display is more than hype.